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Tokyo Ginza Diamond

Diamond Salon, located in Ginza, the most famous district in Tokyo, for being full of luxury boutiques. We offer the best experience in presenting the best offers on jewelry and diamonds, with exclusive values for customers and investors.



Diamond investment currency.

Diamond is known to be nature's hardest gemstone and is used in various jewelry such as rings, earrings and necklaces. In addition to admiration, the mineral gained appreciation as an investment currency given the global financial instability, being considered safer than gold. Currencies like Real and Euro are suffering constant oscillations generating doubt.


easy transport

One of the advantages of investing in diamonds is being able to transport millions in a small box. Easy storage is an important feature for those who invest in them. “Jewelry with precious stones can be placed in strategic and safe places. It is a way of protecting and investing, adding value to assets. Jewels are exclusive and highly luxurious items, not losing value over time, which makes these investments similar to those made in works of art.



GIA certified

GIA  is the acronym for the Gemological Institute of America, a research and study institution for gemstones. The laboratory is undoubtedly the largest gem certification authority in the world.

When a diamond is certified by the GIA, it means that it has passed a thorough laboratory evaluation. The analysis is carried out according to a diamond evaluation system created by the GIA itself, in the mid-1940s.


Tokyo Ginza Diamond Salon

We have an investment fund, made for you to enter the jewelry and diamond market in the world. 

We are wholesaler and distributor of jewelry and diamonds in Japan.

Schedule a visit and get to know the Tokyo Ginza diamond market up close, with exclusive service, personalized for you investor.

We receive clients from all continents, with personalized tour packages.

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