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Diamante de corte princesa


Welcome to the Society of Entrepreneurs.

Here you will find the best business options in Japan!

How about becoming a successful entrepreneur?

 We offer you the best business and investment options already in operation, now you can act as a franchisee, or be an investor partner and enjoy all the profitability.

  Here at Sociedade dos Empreendedores, you  will be part of our business and investments.

  As a franchisee, you can take advantage of all our know-how, having all our support, so that you can operate in any region of Japan.

 In the investor partner category, you participate in the purchase and sale of products, such as diamonds, cars, import and export of cars, among other products and projects, with profitability that canto double the value of your investment within 12 months.

  In addition, we act as an angel investor, helping you set up your own business with mentoring and business advice.

Be our partner!

Come be part of our Kaizen Holding Japan family and be part of the Japan Society of Entrepreneurs.

There's only beast here!


Kaizen Holding Japan 

Know more about our company.

 Join me in my business.
  My mission is your success!
 We will help you make the best investment, with  high yield here in Japan.
  We serve interested parties from all over the world.

Come be my partner and let's conquer the international market together.
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Believing, focusing, with all positive feelings, applying the Kaizen philosophy in your business, success will be absolute.

The diamonds we recommend are not jewelry. It is a valuable diamond as an asset. Through our international network and partnerships with highly trusted appraisal institutions, we deliver diamonds that can be recognized as assets anywhere in the world.

Contact us

Message us here or click on the WhatsApp link below to talk to us.

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